Numbness & Tingling in Pittsburgh

You have probably dealt with feeling discomfort a time or two when it comes to your body. Whether you’ve been sitting in a certain position for too long and you feel stiff or you constantly get aches and pains in your shoulder, you’ve felt some unease in your body. As a chiropractic practice located in Pittsburgh, we have seen it all when it comes to unease in the body. We’ve served the residents of Pittsburgh for over 22 years and we’ve seen 11,000 patients. We believe in making your quality of life better by making you feel more in sync with your body. If you’re struggling with numbness/tingling in your body, then it’s time you call us for our chiropractic services.

Numbness and Tingling in Pittsburgh

Numbness/tingling is when you feel unfamiliar sensations in your limbs. This can mean you feel abnormal feelings in your fingers, hands, arms, toes, legs, or feet. This feeling can be brought on suddenly or it can be gradual. This doesn’t mean that if you sit in a specific manner there’s something wrong, but this feeling is brought on because of a myriad of reasons all listed under Causes For Numbness/Tingling.

Causes For Numbness and Tingling

There are common causes that bring on numbness and tingling and we wanted to go over a majority of them to help you figure out what could be going on with your body. Experiencing numbness/tingling is a sign that something isn’t right in your body and shouldn’t be ignored. These common causes can range from medical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome all the way to having pressure on your spinal nerves.

You make be experiencing numbness/tingling because of medical conditions such as diabetes, seizures, strokes, underactive thyroid, Raynaud’s phenomenon, multiple sclerosis, and migraines. You may be experiencing these symptoms because there is a lack of blood supply in the area that is tingling or numb. This can happen because of a cholesterol build up or because of vascular claudication. There may be pressure on the spinal nerves which can be caused because of a herniated disk. It can also be because of pressure on peripheral nerves.

Numbness/tingling can be caused because of an injury to the nerve. You could also be receiving a lack of vitamins such as B12 or there are levels of calcium, sodium, and potassium in your body that are atypical. In short, it’s difficult to deduce the exact causes of why you might be feeling numbness or tingling in certain areas of your body. Even though there are many common causes, you won’t know exactly why you feel the way you do until you come see a chiropractor facility to determine what may be causing your unease.

What To Do When You Experience Numbness and Tingling

When you experience numbness/tingling, it’s best to make an appointment with your chiropractor. Even if you might not think it’s a big deal, there are many reasons as to why you could be feeling numbness or tingling in your body. As a chiropractor in Pittsburgh, we offer free consultations for those who need to function better in their own body.

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