Do You Have Back Pain?

Chiropractic is a holistic healing treatment that focuses on helping people feel better, function better, and live better. One of the most common symptoms people describe to our chiropractors in Pittsburgh is back pain. Be it upper, mid, or lower back pain (and sometimes a combination of the three), chiropractic can be a refreshing treatment.

Signs Of Back Pain in Pittsburgh 

Aside from the obvious knowledge that your back hurts, back pain can be identified in the muscles or bones. Moreover, pain that feels like it’s radiating in the hip or leg areas may be sourced in the back.

Back problems can lead to leg numbness or a sensation of pins or needles in the back, hip, or leg areas. This is extremely uncomfortable, and our doctors do not want you to live through this pain any longer than you already have.

Another two common signs of back pain are muscle spasms and joint dysfunction. Muscle spasms feel like a rapid poking on the inside of the body, and joint dysfunction is either too much or too little movement of the back and hip joints. Joint dysfunction can lead to inflammation, which can be painful.

Causes of Pain

While we cannot diagnose the cause of pain over the web, we can offer a few generalizations about what typically causes lower, mid, and upper back pain. For a specific diagnosis about what is causing your back pain, reach out to Morreale Chiropractic for a free initial consultation and 15 minute massage.

Upper Back Pain

Many people carry stress in their neck and upper back. If you’re feeling pain in the muscles in your upper back, chances are they are stress related. Others may experience upper back pain from whiplash, myofascial pain syndrome, or a muscular strain.

Mid Back Pain

Pain in the mid back is less common than the other two areas; however, that doesn’t make it any more comfortable for those who feel it. Mid back pain tends to be caused by spinal comorbidity, i.e. people have more than one disease or condition in the back that causes pain in the midsection. These diseases or conditions can be things such as a traumatic spinal cord injury, spinal stenosis, or scoliosis, to name a few.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain tends to be the most common type of back pain, and it is typically the most uncomfortable because problems in the lower back can radiate pain through the hips and into the legs. Like upper and mid back pain, lower back pain can be caused by a variety of injuries, conditions, or diseases. However, most lower back pain is caused by heavy lifting with improper form, abnormal twisting, or other trauma.

Back Pain Treatment

Treating back pain as a whole is more important than finding a quick-fix that masks the pain instead of eliminates it. Pain medications are one example of how back pain is masked but not treated.

Chiropractic and massage, on the other hand, are methods that can provide a back pain treatment solution instead of a mask.

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