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We understand that if you have never seen a chiropractor for adjustments previously, it may be a scary thing to think about. We’re here to answer all of your questions about chiropractic care, including who can receive it and if your insurance covers it. With the videos you’ll find below, you’ll have all of your questions answered without a problem.

We make it a point to help you understand as thoroughly as possible what chiropractic care is, how it can help you live a better and healthier life, and what the treatment length is so that you can feel comfortable scheduling your first appointment with our doctors of Chiropractic in Pittsburgh.

Questions, including, “What’s that popping sound?” and, “Do I need a referral to schedule a chiropractic appointment?”, are all questions that we are all too familiar with. Questions are highly recommended, and we have no problem with answering any that may not be on our list below. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call to have any of your questions answered without hesitation. If you are ready to schedule your appointment with the talented chiropractors at Morreale Chiropractic in Pittsburgh, fill out the short form to the right of the screen. Get a free consultation and a complimentary 15 minute massage today!


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