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  1. Natural Remedies And Solutions For Back Pain

    Here at Morreale Chiropractic, we are passionate about helping our clients find natural, healthy ways to handle chronic back pain. If you are trying to find solutions for your back pain that do not involve taking medication everyday, we are here to help. Did you know in the US alone, over 2 million people suffer from substance abuse related to prescription opioid pain relievers? Unfortunately, it…Read More

  2. Don’t Let “Text Neck” become a Pain

    Why Do I have a Stiff Neck? Stiff necks are all too common nowadays. While many of us don’t experience neck pain from traumatic events, many develop neck pain from a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and a host of other factors. Even if your job requires seemingly little physical strain, poor neck posture can compound over time to lead to more debilitating neck issues. Outside of the office, li…Read More

  3. Strengthen Your Core Through Yoga

    In a previous blog post, we discussed your core muscles and the importance of keeping strong stomach and side muscles in order to overcome chronic back pain. If you have yet to read that particular blog post, you may be thinking, Hey, wait a minute; what do my belly and side muscles have to do with my back pain? Click the link above to view that post now and learn all about how strengthening all …Read More

  4. Why Does My Back Crack?

    Booking your first visit to a chiropractor can be an unnerving event. There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic adjustments, and sometimes there is a simple lack of understanding about what takes place during chiropractic services. As your local chiropractic office in North Hills, our goal is to help you understand what to expect when you come to visit us. We want your chiropractic expe…Read More

  5. Why Massage Therapy Is More Than A Luxury

    When you think of scheduling a massage, you might be like many people who view this as a simple luxury. Perhaps you envision a Swedish massage on a beach at a resort and never imagine booking a massage as a part of your normal life. However, the reality is that massage therapy is far more than a luxury service. When you schedule a massage with a chiropractor in Pittsburgh, you will gain a myriad o…Read More

  6. How Strengthening Your Core Can Help Reduce Chronic Back Pain

    If you suffer from chronic back pain, you have probably tried a large number of methods to help reduce the pain. No one wants to walk around with constant pain permeating their body. Back pain can often be more than a simple annoyance. It can leave you incapable of performing normal tasks, and, in severe cases, can prevent you from even being able to comfortably walk. If you suffer from chronic b…Read More

  7. How Can I Tell if I Have a Herniated Disc?

    If you are suffering with lower back or leg pain, you may be wondering if you have a bulged, protruded or herniated disc. The big question is how do you know?Keep reading for some tips for identifying the signs and symptoms of a herniated disc.  Identifying A Disc Problem In The Lower Back Where does it hurt? It stands to reason that a disc lesion, which is a spinal problem, would always cause l…Read More

  8. Let Us Get You Back in the Game

    If your passion lies in the sport you play, an injury can seem like one of the worst possible circumstances. All you want to do is get “back in the game,” but it’s important to remember that your body also needs time to heal. If you’ve suffered a sports injury and chiropractic, rehabilitation or massage therapy, let the doctors at Morreale Chiropractic take care of you. Chiropractic &…Read More

  9. Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic Care

    Here at Morreale Chiropractic, we hear a lot of complaints related to shoulder pain, which is not surprising considering the relationship between the neck, upper back and shoulder. If you’ve been struggling with shoulder pain, then you understand how this can cause disruptions in your daily life or may even indicate deeper problems. Keep reading to educate yourself on what might be causing your…Read More

  10. Whiplash Treatment in Pittsburgh

    What is Whiplash? The term “whiplash” describes any injury caused by the sudden and violent forward and backward movement of the head, causing damage to the ligaments, tendons, and muscles within the neck. Typically, whiplash injuries are caused by rear-end automobile collisions, but they can also be caused by sports accidents and other physical traumas. This type of injury is called a neck s…Read More


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