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Are you experiencing middle back pain?

The doctors at Morreale Chiropractic are here to help. For over 20 years, the doctors at Morreale Chiropractic have been treating patients in Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. In this video, Dr. Vincent Morreale will go over the symptoms and causes of middle back pain and how it can be treated with chiropractic care.

You shouldn’t have to suffer from back pain. Life will throw many obstacles at you, middle back pain being one of them. Your back can cause a lot of pain, and it can decrease your quality of life. If you are ready to find a solution to your middle back pain once and for all, chiropractic care can help!

Did you know that over 7.7 million Americans visit with a chiropractor on a regular basis in order to relieve middle back pain? Chiropractic treatment can reduce the amount of pain you’re feeling, and help you feel better on your own in the long run. Causes of middle back pain include sports injuries, automobile accidents, bad posture and muscle strains, but it doesn’t stop there. A vertebral subluxation is the main culprit for middle back pain, and there are 5 main reasons why you could be experiencing a middle back vertebral subluxation, even if you didn’t injure yourself in an accident:

  1. Limited joint movement
  2. Muscle tightness
  3. Joint swelling
  4. Nerve compression
  5. Disc degeneration

Symptoms that show signs of a vertebral subluxation include:

  • Pain between shoulder blades
  • Pain radiating up to the shoulders and neck
  • Minimal range of motion
  • Decreased sleep
  • Back tightness
  • Discomfort while lying down

Chiropractic care will realign your spine, correcting any vertebral subluxations along the way. By providing gentle and personalized care for every patient we see, we know that, in theory, proper alignment of your body's musculoskeletal structure will enable the spine to heal itself without the need of medication or surgery. Manipulation has been used for centuries in order to restore the mobility to joints that have been restricted by tissue injury or a traumatic event.

It’s important to mention that if you’re experiencing middle back pain from a vertebral subluxation, it could also be the cause of other problems, including regular headaches, muscle pain and muscle stiffness. If chiropractic care has been working very well for you, but you want to take your care a step further to reduce the amount of tension your muscles inhibit on your vertebrae, massage is a great way to do this!

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