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How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Take?


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We often get asked how long a treatment takes. Chiropractic visits will vary from patient to patient, so to us, this is a really good question. Our office here in Pittsburgh is pretty busy. We see patients consistently throughout each day. We have started to keep track of our appointment lengths to better answer these types of questions we are asked.

On average, each appointment takes around 30 minutes. You may be thinking that this is a long time for a chiropractic adjustment, but there are many different reasons your appointment could take up to 30 minutes. Each adjustment can take anywhere from 2 to 3 seconds, which is very fast, but having the patient move into different positions for each adjustment can take some time.

We also want to point out that we take the time to understand your body and what is causing you pain or discomfort in order to make the proper chiropractic adjustments. Understanding each patient is highly important. We want to know how your bones move, how you walk, and better understand you as the patient. The more we know about your hobbies, work, posture and workouts, the better your adjustments will be tailored.

If you are a first time chiropractic care patient, you should expect your appointment to take approximately an hour or so. So plan accordingly, and even speed up the appointment by filling out proper paperwork before your appointment, looking over any questions you may have, and getting to know us!

For more information, feel free to schedule your free consultation with myself, Dr. Morreale or Dr. Didomenico, and receive a free 15 minute massage!