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Can Chiropractic Manipulation Cause A Stroke?


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We are frequently asked if chiropractic care can cause you to have a stroke. Although you may hear or read many different things saying that having your neck adjusted by a chiropractor can increase the risk of you having a stroke, these risks are highly unlikely.

Of course there is validity in this statement that chiropractic adjustments have caused strokes before, but it’s time that you hear the facts surrounding these instances. Currently, research out there states that you’re chances of having a stroke that is caused by a chiropractic adjustment is anywhere from one in a million to one in eight million. This only means that you are more likely to have a stroke from looking over your shoulder while backing up in your car or while you’re having your hair washed in the hairstylist’s sink, than from a chiropractic adjustment.

We want you to understand that chiropractors go through years of training in preparation to heal patients with different techniques and forms of chiropractic adjustments. As a professional you can trust that we mitigate stroke risks as much as possible, while giving you the amount of treatment you need to feel better.One of the newest studies show that you’re not putting yourself more at risk to a stroke by going to a chiropractor when compared to going to your normal medical doctor.

It’s also important to note that if you are someone who’s had strokes or TIAs (Transient Ischemic Attack) in the past, your chiropractic adjustment will be completely different. If you’re ready to start your journey that can lead to a better quality of life, schedule your free consultation with us today!