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Booking your first visit to a chiropractor can be an unnerving event. There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic adjustments, and sometimes there is a simple lack of understanding about what takes place during chiropractic services. As your local chiropractic office in North Hills, our goal is to help you understand what to expect when you come to visit us. We want your chiropractic experience to be as stress free as possible. In fact, through our chiropractic services we hope to actually lower your stress and improve your health. Whether you are visiting us due to chronic back pain, or you have recently been injured and need assistance in recovering, we want to ensure you know how the process works so you can feel confident in the decisions you are making for your own health and well-being. Read on to learn why your back might make a cracking noise during an adjustment.

Popping and Cracking

If you have ever had your back adjusted, or if you have cracked your knuckles, you are familiar with the popping or cracking sound often associated with these activities. For some people, this popping and cracking noise worries them. They wonder if they should allow a chiropractor to adjust their back if cracking is going to occur. Are these popping and cracking noises harmful to you in any way? The answer is no, this sound is not harmful. To understand why these sounds do not need to worry you during an adjustment, you need to first understand why they occur.

Spinal Joints & Synovial Fluid

Contrary to popular belief, when your back cracks during an adjustment, you are not cracking your actual spine. Your spinal joints actually hold synovial fluid which acts as a lubricant for your joints. Within this fluid are dissolved gases that are released during an adjustment. As your spinal joints are stretched and adjusted pockets of these gases escape create little bubbles. These small pockets of gases then pop, which creates the cracking sound you hear. This is the same exact event that occurs when you pop your knuckles.

Although a popping sound during a chiropractic adjustment is not cause for concern, there can be sounds your joints make that should be addressed. If you have arthritis, your joints can wind up making similar sounds due to the loss of your cartilage. When you move a joint lacking cartilage the roughness of the joint surface can create a somewhat similar noise. Talk to us about any concerning noises your joints are making if you suffer from arthritis.

It is important to remember, you will not always hear cracking during a back adjustment. This does not mean the chiropractic service is any less effective. Sometimes the adjustment did not produce these pockets of gas and sometimes they pop silently.

If you ever have any concerns during your chiropractic adjustment, you should let your doctor know. We are always happy to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure you are comfortable during the service. The popping and cracking sounds you hear should not be a cause for alarm. Contact us today to learn more about booking a chiropractic adjustment in North Hills. We look forward to assisting you on the path to health and well-being.


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