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There are plenty of myths out there that place a shadow over chiropractic. Myths float around without much scientific proof or justification and they’re often defined as a story of sorts. A common myth about chiropractic is “Once you go to a chiropractor, you can never stop.” This is simply not true. We don’t hassle you day in and day out ensuring that you continue your chiropractic appointments. In fact, we truly want what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Every situation is different, so please see Dr. Morreale for any further questions.

Anyway, chiropractic medicine can be viewed in comparison with many other forms of medication. One who has chronic back pain will greatly benefit from weekly chiropractic visits. A person who has high cholesterol will greatly benefit from daily heart health medication. Yet for some reason the myth supporters believe there is a difference between the two forms of treatment for these health problem examples. The chronic pain can be treated with chiropractic, so while it is not required to continue attending treatment sessions, it is recommended for pain relief. Similarly, the high cholesterol can be treated with the heart health medication, yet the patient is not required to take it; they take it anyway because it is a medical advancement that can prevent further health problems. Do you see the point we’re trying to make?

Let’s use some other examples.

Chiropractic care is comparable to taking your car to the mechanic. You go to the chiropractor to get a tune up for your joint health. You take your car to the mechanic to get a tune up for your engine health.

One can visit the chiropractor like one visits the dentist. One goes to the dentist twice per year. One does not quit going to the dentist once they learn how to brush and floss teeth. The dentist’s professional opinion is respected and valued. In comparison, you can learn about proper joint health and do your best to keep good posture every day, but the professional chiropractic treatment ensures proper future health.

The point is simple. Chiropractic is meant to care for joints through routine treatments in order to sustain a life of health. Therefore, you can quit chiropractic after an allotted number of treatments, you just may revert to the same pain prior to treatment.


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